Deadpool Trailer – Why It’s A Good Thing

Deadpool. What can be said that hasn’t already been said? The trailer has debuted for Fox’s upcoming film adaptation. This has sparked tons upon tons of speculation on whether or not it will be good.

Let’s start with the basics that cause acclaim and fear. It’s going to be rated R. For a superhero movie, that could seriously restrict its audience. Most Deadpool fans are young, and that demographic will not get to see it in theaters. However, on the flip-side, we are going to get profanity and adult themes. Now comes the million dollar question: is that trade off worth it?

Yes, I think so. There is a segment of nerdom begging not to be coddled anymore. We want the cheese of the days when movies were made for adults and marketed to kids. Remember the first time you saw Robocop? How many of us wanted a ED-209 after seeing that on the screen?

Now for the worry. Deadpool is a one-trick pony. He was created to be just that. He was a punching bag for Cable and the two played off each other perfectly. Cable, the over-strict big brother, and Deadpool, the loud-mouth with no cares. I worry that, without that dynamic, hardcore fans may feel underwhelmed.

Now for the good news. The movie will be fun. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the part. There hasn’t been a better job of casting since Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. The Colossus cameo, I squealed inside. Then they threw in Ed. That took me by surprise, as she was such a cruelly treated character in the books. I am eager to see that dynamic play out on the screen.

The verdict. Expect fart jokes. Expect chimichanga gags. Expect laughter in the audience overshadowing the dialogue. I expect a homage to the late 80’s and early 90’s action comedies. There will hopefully be lots and lots of blood squibbies. Also , I am hoping for a few scenes where the fourth wall gets shattered, like Joe Dante did in Gremlins 2.

In short, I want a truly mindless superhero movie.

–G-Funk Snapdragon, of the Dragon Eddie Clan.