Wrestlemania 33 Reactions

Another year, another Wrestlemania. WWE’s historic annual contest of champions has concluded it’s thirty-third appearance and it has left many wrestling fans divided. Here at Pop Culture Philosophers, many of us enjoy WWE and it’s special place in sports entertainment. Let’s see what some pf the PCP crew thought about Wrestlemania 33!

Drew Madsen
I had felt that Wrestlemania had some of the worst buildup I’d remembered going into this event, but I’m really glad it turned out well. Most of the matches were fantastic and even the kickoff show was entertaining with one of my favorite football players, Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots, helping his former roommate Mojo Rawley take home the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy. My favorite match was the AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon match because it featured the best wrestler in the world (Styles) and the best non-wrestler to step in the ring (Shane O’Mac). They were doing big spots left and right with announcement tables and trash cans so by the end of the match with AJ Styles being named the winner, I was very sports-entertained. The biggest pop of the night went to the returning Hardy Boys in the RAW Tag Team Championship, and they didn’t disappoint. Every tag team had great spots, but you knew the Hardy Boys were not going to return at Wrestlemania in a Ladder match to lose. The other largest moment was the (apparent) retirement of the Undertaker as he left his apparel in the ring after losing to Roman Reigns. It was a very entertaining Mania considering it was 7 hours long, but that’s just too long to have every the crowd into every match.

Timothy Gorman
November 22, 1990. The Deadman is born.
April 02, 2017. The Deadman is buried.
The phenom is one of a kind. Its like watching MJ scoring 55 at Madison Square Garden. Its like going to Dumbledore at Universal. He is an attraction. Was. He had his last match at Wrestlemania 33.
The draws from the Citrus Bowl crowd, from midday to nightsky, made this PPV such a spectacle. As such, “IT’s the Ultimate Thrillride.” Perfect slogan.
Thirteen matches in the card. Eight titles matches in all. The New Day started off the festivities, and it finally ended with Undertaker’s last bow leaving the arena through the curtain. Five title changes happened. A huge Pop … The Hardy Boyz made a stunning return, winning the Tag Titles. John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella after their mixed tag match win. Underwhelming match where Randy Orton became a 13X WWE champion, beating Bray Wyatt. Suplex City detoured to Orlando as Brock Lesnar is the New Universal champion, beating Goldberg.
Mr. Mcmahon continues to shove Roman Reigns down our throat. The age old storyline of the old passing the torch to the new, next best thing. I guess this is what continues to be best for business. The IWC is mainly saddened by Undertaker retiring, but more than anything, is pissed off by putting over Roman Reigns.
The first half, i.e. Shane Mcmahon v AJ Styles, Women’s Fatal Four, Tag Team Ladder Match Championship was great. And of course, epic ring entrances (Triple H, Seth Freakin Rollins), storylines and rivalries completed the WM 33 card.
The card from top to bottom was decent.
8.5 out of 10.