Deadpool Trailer – Why It’s A Bad Thing


Fox has unveiled their trailer for the upcoming film Deadpool, based on the Marvel Comics character created by the infamous Rob Liefeld. Legions of fans worldwide squealed with delight and the mass of haters sighed a collective groan. Before I go on, in an effort of full disclosure, I will tell you that I have never been a fan of the character. There are some brief moments in his history which I find tolerable, Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force comes to mind, but mostly, I could do without the merc with a mouth. With this in mind, I watched the trailer with an open mind and I was very unimpressed.

Ryan Reynolds is a superb comedic actor, and I cannot say anything bad about his casting. The action in the trailer looks very cool, and the effects and costume look great. The trailer even had some parts that made me laugh, and at times even showed a little heart. Overall though, it seemed like the profanity and immaturity were spotlighted more; as if it is the entire point of the movie.

Why is it so important that this movie be R-rated? Aside from a handful of mini-series, Deadpool has always been, at worst, a PG-13 book. Yet Fox, and fans, made it such a priority to have a hard R rating. Believe it or not, there are masses of children who are fans of Deadpool, a character spotlighted at times in Marvel’s animation for children. These fans are now excluded from seeing one of their favorite characters on the big screen, or even worse, will be allowed by their parents and guardians to absorb the profanity, sexual objectification and immaturity of the film. This movie, at least from the trailer, seems geared towards grown men who love Rob Schneider movies, and not the diversity of the comics’ fans.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the character, it just seems like a very bad idea to make an exclusive and immature film without any substance behind it. Granted, I have not watched the entire movie, and maybe the trailer is far different from the film itself, but from what I’ve seen so far… I am very much inclined to pass on this film.

But what do I know? I hate Deadpool.

–Rockin’ Robbie Billups