Top 5 Comic Book Movie Openings

My good friend Mike Matthews just texted me with a very interesting discussion. What are the best openings to a comic book movie? He already had some great ones to throw in, but here I present to all of you fine and distinguished folk, my Top 5 Comic Book Movie Openings of all time!

5. Hellboy (2004)
That opening was straight from the comic book and completely captured Hellboy creator Mike Mignola’s vision in less than five minutes. Visually astonishing, and paced to pitch-perfect perfection!

4. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
bane dark knight rises
Director Christopher Nolan really tried to top the opening to The Dark Knight with this one, and almost succeeded! The introduction of Tom Hardy’s Bane was chilling in a very tense opening scene, in which we never quite understood what was going on until it happened. Fantastically delivered dialogue didn’t hurt, of course!

3. X2: X-Men United (2003)
Bryan Singer’s follow-up to X-Men is, in my abundantly humble opinion, the best film in the franchise. That starts with the ferociously furious first scene, in which Alan Cumming’s Nightcrawler (my second favorite X-Person) invades the Oval Office. We still haven’t stopped talking about this scene, which is arguably the best one in X-Film history.

2. The Dark Knight (2008)
The introduction of Heath Ledger’s Joker in this follow-up to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is absolutely chilling. From the haunted score to the dynamic editing, this scene is a true work of cinematic art.

1. Blade (1998)
I’m sorry, but this is one of my favorite movies ever! Blade was such a cool movie and character and that is quickly established in this blood-bursting opening scene! Everything works in this scene, from the techno remix of New Order’s Confusion to the special effects and action. Wesley Snipes’ Blade left a lasting and important impression on comic book, action and sci fi/horror movies in general. Blade started the Renaissance of Comic Book/Geek Movies, and it started, not with a whimper, but with a Blade.

Now, my question to you, Mike Matthews and all of you fine and distinguished folk, what are your Top 5 Comic Book Movie Openings?

-Rockin Robbie Billups
July 2015