Writer: Matteo Strukul 

Artist/Colorist: Andrea Mutti

Letter: Joel Rodriguez 

Publisher: Scout Comics

Price: $6.99

Vlad Dracul is 64 pages of comic goodness that you’re not going to want to put down. Our story is based off Vlad Dracula II, the historical figure who was a Warlord that went toe to toe with the Ottoman Empire. Throughout this epic tale you will see Vlad’s story unfold in the trails of his entangled romances. You will see the intensity of the blood, sweat, and tears that war can bring. This historical ride will capture you with its phenomenal drawn action packed sword fighting and at times Shakespearean type story telling. Enjoy the ride of one of the most famous warriors of his era and the man who inspired the Dracula Legends we all know and have grown to love today.

Overall, I really loved this first issue. It was super compelling and such a strong opening act. To me, it is the strongest debut from a Scout Comics book thus far. A lot of that has to do with the world building from Matteo Strukul and Andrea Mutti’s flat out gorgeous artwork. The two really go hand and hand, as they both complement each other extremely well. As a historian buff I am really looking forward to where the story goes next and as a fan of Game of Thrones I am looking forward to see who gets got next. 

It is not easy to take a historical figure and bring him to life, especially when it is the one who inspired Dracula. Matteo Strukul’s really delivers with the story. I thought the dialogue was excellent and really captured the era it was set it. It does jump a couple of years here and there often but I didn’t find that it took away from the story at all. It truly is interesting to see Vlad’s character fleshed out as he is not one dimensional at all. Matteo Strukul’s use of the character Katherine Von Siegel is handled so well, as her story is tragic but gives layers to Vlad’s love for her. 

I could spend hours gushing over Andrea Mutti’s artwork and coloring. The whole way the story is drawn is so masterfully done. The coloring adds dramatic undertones. The art in this story really makes you want to sink your teeth into it and go all in for the story. One of my favorite scene is when Vlad is first introduced standing in the snow with his sword on his hip. To me, it captured his strong warrior demeanor. Seriously, 10/10 on the artwork and coloring alone. 

I am going to put this in the must read category. This is definitely a book you should pick up at your local comic book store. If they are not getting it, you need to nag them until they do. I honestly think you could be a fan of any genre and enjoy this comic book. It has a little bit of everything in it for any lover of comics. Really looking forward to issue two, like a said earlier this is 64 pages of awesomeness. It is worth the price point and I will definitely be putting it on my pull list. 

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